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Thread: Bosnian Ice Rinks

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    Bosnian Ice Rinks

    We have made some small Update with more pictures and google Maps:

    Maybe someone can give information about this Ice Rink ?

    I guess it the old Ice Rink in Sarajevo in 1982 bevor Zetra Arena was built ?

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    Yes, it is.It was placed in front of Skenderija ice hall and it was an outside rink.

    HK Bosna played there before the Olympics 1984.

    The picture is taken before the Yugoslavian second league match between HK Bosna and HK Vardar Skopje.Bosna won that game 6:5 after trailing 5:0 in first period.With that win Bosna qualified for the first time in Yugoslavian first league where they played next almost ten years.
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