Here's a chance to get a rare jersey. The NHL Icebreakers play in Copenhagen 5th and 6th August 2009 and there's an online auction on the jerseys. The surplus go to charity (children).

Available jerseys:

30. Michael Zajkowski, MODO
31 Johan Backlund, Philadelphia Flyers
02. Mattias Öhlund, Vancouver Canucks
03. Mattias Timander, MODO
05. Hans Jonsson, MODO
23. Alexander Edler, Vancouver Canucks
39. Tobias Enström, Atlanta Thrashers
41. Victor Hedman, Tamba Bay Lightning

10. Per-Åge Skröder, MODO
15. Andreas Salomonsson, MODO
19. Nicklas Bäckström, Washington Capitals
21. Peter Forsberg, MODO
22. Daniel Sedin, Vancouver Canucks
24. Nicklas Sundström, MODO
26. Samuel Påhlsson, Columbus Blue Jackets
33. Henrik Sedin, Vancouver Canucks
91. Markus Näslund, New York Rangers
133. Fredrik Modin, Columbus Blue Jackets
139. Per Svartvadet, MODO

The teams refer to the team they play for. The jersey is the unique Icebreaker jersey.

Highest bet at this point are the jerseys of Forsberg and Zetterberg. They currently go for dkk2500 (US$475). Minimum price is DKK1000 (US$190). Right now, Hedman's jersey only goes for 1,050.