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Thread: The Best Romanian player all-time?

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    Romania The Best Romanian player all-time?

    Who do you think was/or is the greatest internationally and domestically?
    "By Soviet standards I'd always been considered an offensive centerman. Phil Esposito and Bobby Clarke forced me to play a more defensive style. The experience made me a better all around player," -Vladimir Petrov commenting after the 1972 Summit Series



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    I don't know many Romanian players. But the ones I can think of played during the the 70s when hockey was at its peak in Romania. Doru Turneau, Eduard Pana, Sandor Gall, Gheorghe Hutan, etc. Some of the Romanian members on this board may be of better assistance to you.

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    I would have to say that currently the best Romanian is Arpad Mihaly.
    He's been playing for the Reading Royals of the ECHL where he is a consistent scorer.
    He has even earned a few call-ups to the AHL on seperate occasions.

    In fact at this very moment, as I type, he is playing for the Milwaukee Admirals against the
    Omaha Ak-Sar-Ben Knights... the 3rd period is about to start.

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    Running a tad late in these threads.

    ...but I must add my personal favourite, although Alex already mention him, Doru Tureanu. I saw him playing in the 1980 Olympics and he was a really talented and technically skilled player. He was perhaps the brightest star in that generation, a generation that maybe was Romania's greatest, so it must account for something. I think, iirc, he was even invited to practise with the mighty CSKA Moscow, not a small feat during those times even if he didn't get selected (if that was even an option then). After all there were some hefty competition in the 70's-80's CSKA.

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    Doru Tureanu

    An article about the prolific Romanian forward from the online sports newspaper Prosport. Kindly translated by aimbo.

    At 14 years of age he made his debut in the first league, a year later he was called up to the national team of Romania, which he led to historical victories. Tureanu (53 years old), a living legend of our hockey, confesses.

    For over 20 years he wore the Romanian national team jersey, he played in over 2000 games, of which 17 World Championships and 3 Olympic Games, Doru Tureanu is the only romanian hockey player to have on the table, in 1977, a cheque worth 2 million dollars from the Montreal Canadiens, an offer he turned down without remorse.

    Doru Tureanu's name went over Romania's borders a long time ago. The player, of which Russian coach Viktor Tikhonov said he could play without any problems for any professional team on Earth, was a sensation in the world of hockey due to his native talent and his incredible sense in front of goal. The former forward, now sick of diabetes, but also disappointed of some persons, has disappeared from the sport that he raised to an art form for five years. ProSport found Tureanu and managed to get him back to the skating rink. It was enough for him to come near the rink to be immediately surrounded by fans and friends. They all boxed up to shake his hand, to greet him or just to watch. With respect and fear, "he is the man that could have scored as many goals as he wanted in a game" - someone explains to me, for many Doru Tureanu is a true hero. "I am happy when a simple man remembers me, stops me and asks what I've been up to. I've always felt the biggest satisfaction, not when the federation people were saying bravo, but when I was looking at someone for the first time in my life and he was so moved he could not say a word", he says. His story flows nicely, just like his dekes on the ice.

    Doru Tureanu's first passion in the world of sport was football, which he played at Sport School no. 2, being a generation colleague with Mircea Sandu (note: our football's federation president). Having lived a tram station away from Mihai Flamaropol, he was also going to hockey practice until the moment he was forced to make a choice. "I loved both sports just as much, it was a hard decision, until my football coach said that only a few of us would become professional footballers and I wouldn't be one of them. In that moment I knew, all I'd have I'd give to hockey.", Tureanu explains.

    He was 11 years old when the sport with the stick and the puck became the most important thing for him and he started to prepare more seriously. In only two years he was an important member of the junior national team. "My first trip to Czechoslovakia meant a lot. I think it was the thing that made me continue with hockey, because it would give you a freedom you couldn't find anywhere else, to see the World, to get away from what Romania meant back then", he explains. At only 14 years he was signed by a team fighting for the national championship, Dinamo and plays directly for the senior team, one year later making his debute for the senior national team. "I had no childhood in hockey. When i started more seriously, a couple of games at junior level and then that was it, maturity was achieved at senior level. I don't complain because this helped me perfect my skating skills and make better use of the natural skills i had. I am aware a I lost a lot as a kid, but I don't regret a thing", he says. Wearing number 6, Doru Tureanu used to get a lot of ice time. "I was asking for a change only when I needed to drink water, otherwise nobody could've gotten me off the ice for a rest. It was hard losing 5-6 kilograms in a game and we played almost daily, but I had an extraordinary motivation", he explains.

    "If you bring Tureanu to Miercurea Ciuc, the skating rink will be full just to watch him. He'd have a welcome as no other sportsman had."
    Varga Dezideriu, team mate

    "At the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics when we beat Germany 5-3, having scored all our goals, the German newspapers said : Tureanu - Deutschland 5-3."
    Doru Tureanu

    (note: he only scored a hat trick and the score was 6-4)

    "If the team would be playing short handed, I would get the puck in our defensive end and I'd deke and do various tricks until the penalty would expire."
    Doru Tureanu

    In 1986 he retired from the national team, staying to coach the first team of Romania, together with Gheorghiu from Steaua. "There were any games with me from Dinamo, bringing most of the players from there. The interest of the national team was the most important, and we understood we had to be fair and only get the best and in shape players in the team.", he considered. His disease started to keep him away from the rink and the world of hockey, and in the final 5 years the rupture was definitive. "I've felt the need to get away from this, I've had some disappointments with some people, some other situations and I wanted to be away for a while, to forget. But my soul will always be here, on the ice where I've lived all the best moments in my life, he concludes.

    Having played in the Dinamo-Steaua games, Tureanu had on the table a 2 million dollars cheque to play in Canada.

    The Steaua-Dinamo games were always popular with the spectators, being considered true shows on ice. "7000 people would come down to the rink, it was overcrowded, people were staying up just to watch us play", he nostalgically remembers. "I remember when scoring a goal, it was raining hats and caps on the ice, the people were that happy! Then at the end of the game they'd ask us for sticks to fight outside! Hockey was much tougher back then. Now they talk a lot about the fights in Steaua-Sport Club games. These are nothing. I have the impression players nowadays
    don't know the meaning of a fight", he says.

    The most beautiful period of his career is tied with Dinamo, where alongside Axinte and Costea they formed the best line in our hockey. "I fell in love with Dinamo. It was like a disease that never got cured, maybe that's why it still hurt me so much when the hockey section ceased to exist", he bitterly said. "I have my best memory with that team, when we came back from 2-0 down and I scored the game winning goal 3-2. It was madness, people were carrying us on their arms, they were kissing us, even the feared Securitate man, Tudor Postelnicu, came to congratulate us".

    (note: Dinamo was the "police" team, 'Securitate' the secret police).

    His exceptional efforts at the 1977 World Championships in Switzerland brought him to the attention of the Canadiens who offered him 2 million dollars. "I refused since the beginning. My mother was sick, I had found the medicine she needed and I wanted to be near her. At the Montreal Canadiens I only had to sign and leave, they'd handle the rest". Three years later, two Canadiens officials arrived in Bucharest to try to make him sign, but the Securitate found out. "They immediately restrained me and for two years I couldn't leave the country. I am not nostalgic, but if I were to make this choice again, I'd think it over more. In a way, I regret not leaving when I had the opportunity", he confessed.


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    Romania team 1977, 1980

    Romania team ( - -1977 (.) -1980)
    - Antal Eloed 77 80
    - Antal Istvan 80
    - Axinte Dumitru 18.10.1952 77 80
    - Berdila Ion 80
    - Cazacu Traian 80
    - Costea Marian 23.06.1952 77 80
    - Dumitru Constantin 77
    - Gall Sandor 77 80
    - Gheorghiu Ioan 77
    - Halauca Alexandru 80
    - Huţan Gheorghe 17.07.1950 77 80
    - Ionita Ion 77
    - Justinian George 77 80
    - Miklos Tiberiu 77
    - Morosan Doru 77 80
    - Nagy Bela 80
    - Nagy Zoltan 80
    - Netedu Valerian 26.01.1953 77 80
    - Nistor Constantin 77 80
    - Olenici Adrian 77 80
    - Pana Eduard 28.05.1944 77
    - Pisaru Marian 77 80
    - Popescu Mihail 80
    - Solyom Laszlo 77 80
    - Tureanu Doru 08.11.1954 77 80
    - Varga Dezideriu 14.05.1939 77
    - Zganca Florea 77

    - defender
    - forward
    - goalkeeper
    77 - IHWC 1977
    80 - Olympic games 1980

    Who know others date of birth ?

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    Romania Eduard Pana

    Eduard Pana was the first Romanian to be inducted into the International Ice Hockey Federation Hall of Fame (1997)

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    Doru Tureanu,
    eweryone here think's he was not the great, but the greatest ... best online hockey manager

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    I have Romanian citizenship and have Romanian background but do not know much about Romanian hockey.

    what's their national team's rank right now?

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    IIHF Divison 2. (IHWC > Division 1 > Division 2)

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