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Thread: Skating in Argentina OR Chile?

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    Skating in Argentina OR Chile?


    Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I'm being transfered for work to either Argentina or Chile in a month (suprise!) and was wondering if there were any rinks in the smaller towns? I know Buenos Aires has a couple (so I've heard) and I would assume Santiago does too, but what about places like La Serena in Chile or San Juan in Argentina?

    I don't even ask for hockey leagues or drop-in, just a place where I could skate, as I'm a beginner and don't want to lose the skating level I've managed to get up to. Hopefully I can find a rink I could frequent while down there, so when I'm back here on rotation in Canada I can put on the pads (goalie) without falling flat on my face...

    Any and all information is much appreciated. Also, if this is the wrong forum, please direct me or move the post... lol

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    I'm really sorry for the delay in my answer. Are you in Argentina already?

    I'm from Buenos Aires. We have a local hockey league here with over 15 teams. Of all the ice rinks in Buenos Aires (there are several) you can only play hockey in two (Alpina Skate & Winter); and the games of the league are played only in Alpina Skate. All the other rinks are too small to play, even 3 on 3. But if you want to just skate, I can give you the addresses of all the rinks here.

    Besides the rinks in Buenos Aires; there's an olympic-sized ice rink in Ushuaia, open from May to September. They're playing their local league right now; and we just came back from there because the 8th edition of the End of the World Cup was played from July 13th through 19th.

    There's another rink in Centenario, Neuquén; but no hockey is played there.

    And there is another one in Bariloche. No hockey.

    I believe there is another rink in Córdoba, but no hockey there either.

    I don't know of any other rinks in the country at the present.

    Where are you in Argentina exactly?

    I don't know about Chile. I believe there's a rink in Punta Arenas, and I understand there's another one in Chile but I don't know where. Sorry I can't be mof any more help.

    Hey, I'm a goalie too! If you come to Buenos Aires, let me know! I can get you into one of the trainings or pick-up games.



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