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Thread: S korea jersey question:can someone translate the name on the front, arm and back ?

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    S korea jersey question:can someone translate the name on the front, arm and back ?

    I am interested in this jersey here, but I dont exactly know what it says on the front, arm or back. I am guessing it says South Korea but have no clue. and the name on the back is probably the name of a player, which also makes me wonder if this is a national team jersey, what year is it from? It has to be early to mid 80s. I dont see any Tackla logos etc.. any help is MUCH appreciated

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    With the non-Latin lettering on the back, I'm thinking it wouldn't have been worn in an IIHF-sanctioned tournament. Maybe the Asian Winter Games somewhere along the line? Didn't Japan host a NT tournament for a few years as well?

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    My Korean isn't the best but it says something like Goang-Un in the front and Min Yong-Gi in the back which really should be players name. On the arm it says Goang-Un on top and IMO Jong on the bottom part which google translates to "zone". I am not really sure but my bet would go that it's some kind of a jersey representing some place Goangun in Korea. If it were natonal team jersey I suppose it should say something like Hangug.

    Probably Crossmir can help you better.
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    I'd agree with itry with what it says on front and back, had a search but couldn't find anything about what it could be from
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